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Corporate website

A corporate website with a catalog of products and services, tells about the company and accepts orders without online payment.
  • Up to 3 languages.
  • Adaptive design.
  • Own CMS system for website management.
  • Registration in search engines.
  • Website traffic statistics.


A multifunctional online store will allow you to start trading online without any hassle. Online payment and warehouse system.
  • All items of a corporate website.
  • Product catalog.
  • Online payment.
  • Connection of a warehouse system.
  • Integration with "Salidzini" and "Kurpirkt".


It will allow you to move your business to a mobile application for Android and IOS. This way your services and products will always be at hand.
  • Unique design.
  • Application for Android and IOS.
  • Publication of the application in Google Play and App Store.
  • Accepting payments through Play Market and Apple Pay.
  • App landing page for browser.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We will try to answer the most frequently asked questions to make it easier for you to find the answer.

We offer services such as website development, mobile application development, unique design development for your future project, SEO optimization, and everything related to company branding.

We offer a full development cycle, starting with a logo and ending with the creation of a website or mobile application.

We offer several options for creating online stores.

- Creating an online store using Wordpress or Opencart

- Creating an online store from scratch on our own platform

We recommend the second option to our clients, as it is only on our own platform that you can get the maximum opportunity for further development and expansion of your online store.

Such a platform is created by us, initially incorporating only those functions that will be needed in your project. This greatly increases the speed of the website. Your customers will not have to wait for long page loads.

The development of an online store includes its creation on the platform chosen by the customer, localization of the site for different languages, adding products, connecting payment, as well as training on how to work with the site and further support.

If you have any preferences for the functionality of the store, we can also perform and implement them in your project.

The development timeline of a project depends on various factors. The complexity of the project, the presence of unique design, and the amount of work that will be required to achieve the best results all affect the development timeline.

We can provide an accurate timeline after discussing all the details of the project and creating a technical specification.

When creating a website or mobile application, we offer 2 options for creating the design of the future project:

- Purchase a ready-made template for your project

- Draw the design from scratch with our designers

Websites and applications with unique design will fully meet the requirements of customers, every part of the design will be worked out by our designers and agreed with you.

The price for unique design directly depends on the number of pages that will need to be made, as well as the complexity of the animation on the website or in the application.

By ordering a logo from us, the client receives 3 options of their logo from several of our designers, after which they can choose the most liked one. After the selection, the logo will be further developed based on the client's wishes.

After the work is completed, the designer will explain why certain elements of the logo were chosen, based on what the font was selected and why such a logo concept was created.

Our mobile applications are developed using React Native or Flutter, this allows us not to write 2 different versions for 2 systems (Android and IOS), but to write one code that will work on both Android and IOS. This saves development time and simplifies further support of the application.

Other deadlines depend only on the complexity of the application and the desired functionality. To specify exact deadlines, it is necessary to create a precise technical specification.

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